Charcoal Soap ( Pack of 2 )

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Rs 290.00
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Activated Charcoal  Bar

Add a new twist to your daily skin and bathing routine with the help of this activated charcoal bar which removes bacteria, toxins, and pollution from the body and face. The soap's charcoal component heals acne and helps get rid of excess oil, blackheads, and pigmentation. It is best suited for oily skin.

Get your hands on some activated charcoal soap right away to shield your skin from all the pollution and dust. It's the perfect solution for all your skin issues.


  • Flower shaped

  • Come in a pack of two

  • Black in colour

  • Weight: 100 gms

Know your Product:  Charcoal soap is a natural and organic product made with activated charcoal. It is a material that has been treated with oxygen and heat to make it more porous, allowing it to absorb chemicals, heavy metals, and odours.

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