Set of 2 Hearts

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Rs 429.00
Rs 429.00
130 grams (approx)

(500 available)

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This is a customised product and will be delivered to you within 20 days due to the customisations involved.

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Set of 2 hand-made, heart shaped soaps

Available in over 55 fragrances, this set of home-made soap is the perfect addition to your gifts hampers, goodie boxes and simply, your soap collection. With allergen-free properties, these soaps are crafted to moisturize skin of all ages. 

Know your Product: Bath soaps with essential oils/fragrances were first discovered in 2200 BC in Babylon. Used for cleaning purposes, ancient Romans decided to experiment with the addition of aromatic oils and shaping of these soap bars to give it an alluring look. 

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