Sleep in Beaut? Eye Masque

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Say Natural Good Bye To Dark Circles!!

With our.......


Many Question that Why do you need a separate product for your eyes? Here are some reasons:-
- The skin under is very sensitive and delicate when compared to other parts of your body.
- Applying a normal moisturizer to the eye may seem sufficient but many may contain color, fragrance and harmful preservatives that can irritate your eyes
- Our eye sleep in beauty masque is specially formulated to be used in the eye area, making them safer and more beneficial.

????Our Eye Sleep in Beauty Masque acts as an anti-dark circle, anti-puff, skin lightening and regenerating agent. 
???? No color, No fragrance (no irritation to the eyes)
???? Strengthens eye capillaries
???? Maintains skin elasticity 
???? Soothing to eyes
???? Revitalizes the eyes by limiting the dark circles (within 28 days on daily use)
???? Can be used by anyone above 5 years
???? Specially designed for ones who sit on laptops, PC's, mobile phones whole day,
????It also cures swollen eyes

Hawkweed extract, Daisy Flower Extract, and many more plant extracts suitable for eyes....

Daisy Flower extract helps in naturally exfoliating the skin & thus reducing dark spots caused due to daily environmental exposure.
Hawkweed Extract
This skin conditioning and masking agent helps to fight dark circles. It lightens and regenerates the skin; hence, reducing the appearance of dark circles.

1. Clean your eyes and face with water before applying this masque.
2. Now Apply a very thin layer of this masque all over your eyes and leave it on overnight.
3. Wash off next morning.
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