Warali Painting

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White and Tan Brown Authentic Warli Painting 

With premium quality finish, the white and tan brown strokes of paint, the stunning Warli folk art adds the element of luxury to bedrooms, living rooms, offices and hotels. Topped with a neat matte coat, the piece has a protective finish for a lustrous  look. Impress your guests and add to your wall art collection with this piece. 


Dimensions: 11x13” 

Wood Framed

Acrylics on Paper Canvas 

Know your product: One of the important aspects of Warli painting is the traditional dance shown in the paintings. The tarpa is a trumpet-like instrument, which is played by the Warlis. While the music plays, men and women join their hands and move in circles around the tarpa player. This circle of  dancers is also symbolic of the circle of life.

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